What we do

Corporate Communication: we propose a new image in specific environments (corporate, hotels, restaurants) with the collaboration of extraordinary professionals. Photographic Collection: we organize temporary photography exhibits of great artists in public and private spaces (hotels, professional offices, airport and railway lounges). Gastronomic Events: we organize gala dinners and parties in synergy with renowned professional chef associations. Promotion of territories and local products: we develop communication projects; story telling via images, public events, literary presentations, meetings with leading representatives of sport, entertainment and culture. We have assembled an exceptional team of photographers, film-makers, drone operator specialists and sports professionals to publicize and create an memorable event.

Danilo Scarpati fotografa il Park Hyatt hotel – Milano
William Klein al Park Hyatt hotel durante “Il mondo modo suo”, Palazzo della Ragione, Milano, 2016
Alberto Conti «Silences», Hotel Nhow Milano, 2015
Herbert List, Palazzo Cinquecento NH Roma

Who we are

Novecento57 was founded in 2012. It mixes different skills and experiences with the aim of giving birth to a structure capable of planning events, solutions and tools for communication. At the heart of our expertise is an innovative use of the images of great Italian and international artists. Nearly thirty years of experience in publishing market (magazines and books) allow us to capitalize on knowledge and relationships in all areas of communication, corporate and large productions. From the foundation we realized that, to achieve effective and efficient projects, we needed to create a network of people / companies allowing us to have no limits in responding to the needs of our customers, a team ready to respond to all our clients’ requests. Today we pay special attention to the communication needs of the territories, starting with the excellence that nature, culture and history have bestowed on them.


Alessandra Carpentiero

To her artistic education she has added the passion and the study of fashion and styling. In 1985 she “discovered” photography almost by accident, starting to co-operate with Franca Speranza agency. In 1992 she began working with Agenzia Contrasto, managing activities related to the publishing world with productions and image projects, especially for newspapers and magazines. In 2013 she joined the Novecento57 project.

Caterina Misiti

After university studies in History of Art, in 1989 she co-created the Milan branch of the Agenzia Contrasto, responsible for organizing the office, structuring the sales network, starting collaboration with the world of journalism. Within this sphere, she runs the iconographic research in relation to the demands and needs of the various editors, working on peculiarities of each and any magazine. In 2012 she participates in the creation of Novecento57.

Luigi Marafante

After 15 years in the marketing departments of multinational ICT  firms (Digital Equipment and Compaq), for further 10 years works as entrepreneur in the tourism promotion area, dealing with communication and multimedia, especially with several public administrations in Northern Italy. In 2012 he participated in the creation of Novecento57.

Luciano Santagostino

After more than a decade of experience, with increasing responsibilities, in the footwear industry as a vendor for some of the most prestigious national brands, he was then active for over twenty years in the growth of an important Italian company in the world of photography, Agenzia Contrasto.
In 2012 he participated in the creation of Novecento57.

Oggi ancora di più si rafforza il rapporto tra noi e Agenzia Contrasto, la più importante realtà italiana nel mondo della fotografia. Iniziato più di venti anni fa con la collaborazione nel campo dell’editoria, è ora più ricco ed intenso che mai, estendendosi anche alla comunicazione, alla progettazione di eventi e al collezionismo delle immagini d’autore.

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